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Lunar New Year 2017

Lunar New Year 2017

Just yesterday I attended a Lunar New Year Festival at my school. It was really fun because I learned a lot about Chinese culture. I attended a similar event like this a few months ago when I attended a Diwali Festival at my school.  After I came in, I saw a game where we had to move MNM’s from bowl to bowl with chopsticks which was impossible for me. Then I bought my ticket and looked around. I saw a lot of my friends there and almost every student from the Mandarin classes was there. I also saw a bunch of teachers like the Mandarin teacher, Mr. Yu and my Biology teacher Mr. Wong. I got a selfie with them. Then I went around, talked to my friends and learned how to write Large in Chinese. Then the shows started and I learned a lot about the culture. I saw the dragon dance  and I learned how them spreading Lettuce was the spreading of good luck. There was a lot of different activities and I learned a lot but the favorite thing that I learned was how to properly eat with chopsticks. A lot of my friends also sang two songs in Mandarin which was very entertaining.




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I also wanted to talk about the significance of cultural events to mankind.

We celebrate cultural events because they are related to tradition. It helps us remember who we are and what are ancestors had to go through. It also lets us connect to our culture. There are different festivals that allow us to have fun and celebrate . These celebrations has allowed us to see the evolution. For Chinese New Year in particular, after fireworks were invented things have changed. It allowed us to change how we celebrated and it affected culture.

We can meet up with family and reminisce on tradition or what happened during the past year of the festival. It gives us a chance to be social and interact with friends and family. It also strengthens the sense of community and allows you to connect with people from your country or religion.

Celebrations help us connect with evolution because it lets us see how a certain event has changed over the ages and it is how mankind keeps memories and tradition throughout the ages.

Meeting up with family and friends to celebrate our cultural heritage during celebrations is important and I am very glad I went to the Lunar New Year celebration so that I could learn more about Chinese culture.