March for Science

March for Science

Yesterday was Earth day. It gave us a chance to care for our common home and learn more about the environment. I spent most of the day doing homework but I still found time to go to one of the many numerous science marches. These science marches were even featured all over the news.





I went to the science march in Silicon Valley. The main rally was in Cesar Chavez plaza. There was a lot of people with many scientific signs and food trucks. There was even a virtual reality and PlayStation gaming van. There were many different speakers taking about science in the world. While it was good to learn more about science this rally ended up being very political and religious. I saw many signs about Trump or Jesus and I feel that was not to great. There was also a lot of people and I even ended up running into my uncle there. I feel that the science march was a very great opportunity to learn more about science and there were even younger kids being able to present their science projects. This rally gave kids a chance to be exposed to science and learn more about caring for our home on Earth day.


I also ran into a lot of other Bellarmine students:



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