Meiosis Movie


Group: Akash, Tanay, Jahan, and Anish


A few months ago we started learning about reproduction. Meiosis was important because it allows us to create gametes like sperm and eggs. Our specific meiosis movie is happening in a male because there is one y chromosome and one x chromosome. In these Y and X chromosomes, crossing over occurs only in Pseudoautosomal regions.  A lot of different materials were used by our group like pipe cleaners or beads. This experiment taught us a lot about meiosis and the different processes. I learned a lot of different things like:

What is the function of meiosis?

The function of meiosis is to create gametes like sperm or egg cells. Through meiosis the number of chromosomes in the parent changes from diploid to haploid. The point of this is when the sperm and egg combine we get a zygote with the correct amount of chromosomes. Without meiosis the zygote will not have the required number of chromosomes.

  • What events promote genetic variation during meiosis?

There are lot of events in meiosis that help genetic variation. There are two ways in which genetic variation occurs. One way is in Prophase 1 when crossing over occurs. This way genes get changed between male and humans. Another way is in Metaphase 1 and 2 when the chromosomes line up. The chromosomes can be lined up in any way or direction so this promotes genetic variation. Additionally any sperm or any egg can combine.

  • What causes non-disjunction?

Non disjunction is an error in meiosis that results in an uneven amount of chromosomes. During Anaphase 1 the homologous chromosomes all go in one way that results in uneven amount of chromosomes. This image sums it up well.

Image result for nondisjunction

  • Panda bears have 42 chromosomes compared to 74 chromosomes found in most bears. How could this occur? Explain in terms of non-disjunction.

Maybe one of the panda bear’s ancestors had a child where non disjunction occurred in meiosis. Maybe the offspring had a lower number of chromosomes because of non disjunction and this led to the panda bear. Maybe non disjunction led to the loss of genetic information, explaining why Panda bears are so much different than other bears.

  • What did you learn from this project?

I learned the specific details of meiosis and what happens during the specific steps. I know what happens during each phase and how genetic variation occurs. I first learned about meiosis a few years ago but it was very confusing then. This project gave me a chance to work with my friends and learn a lot while having fun.


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