Mitosis Lab

Mitosis Lab


Recently we have had a lab in our Biology class about Mitosis. Recently we have been talking about Cancer because it is caused when there is no restriction point in the cell cycle. Just a few days ago, we had a lab where we observed plant and animal cells during Mitosis and it was fascinating. I have put my Lab sheet above. I have taken a lot of pictures because there were so many different cells so if you want to see them all here is a link.

I learned a lot from this lab and one of the most important was the difference between plant and animal cells dividing. When I was in 6th grade, I took an earth Science course, in 7th a physics based course and in 8th an introduction to Biology course so I have already studied Mitosis. But one thing that I did not know was that there was a difference between plan and animal cell mitosis. I also thought it was very cool how we were able to see how long each part of mitosis took. In my worksheet I calculated it and that really gave me a better idea of mitosis. I also realized how hard it is to determine which cell is in what phase because between interphase and prophase or between metaphase and anaphase it was hard to tell the difference. I really liked this lab because it gave me better insight into the cell cycle and the different phases of Mitosis.


Here is a slideshow of 27 different pictures I have taken.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Most of the details about the experiment will be in the lab sheet.


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