What is cancer

What is cancer

Cancer is a very deadly disease that has plagued our society. I personally do not know anybody that has cancer for which I am very grateful.

When I heard the statistics:

1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will experience cancer in their lifetimes.
Cancer afflicts 1.7 million Americans each year—and kills 600,000 of them.
40% of cancer cases have no known cause at all.
Cancer mortality has been slowly declining — down 20% over the last two decades.
If society were to implement what’s known about prevention, cancer deaths could be reduced by 50%.

I was shocked! I had no idea so many people got cancer every year and so many people died from it.
It made me really sad that we could save a lot of people from cancer if we implement what we know which makes me question why we haven’t yet.

I recently watched a few videos from PBS about Cancer and I have learned a lot.



1. What is Cancer

The first video talked about cancer and what it was. In the video it said that the Cancer is a genetic disease that causes cells to grow uncontrollably. The growth of these cells can cause tumors and can spread cancer cells throughout the body. Cancer is not only one disease but it is a variety of 1100 diseases and cancer can evolve to prevent from getting cured by medicine. Cancer cells lose their ability to communicate and because of this they have uncontrolled growth. Cancer cells gene mutations can cause it to evolve and not be affected by medicine. Cancer cells are free to flow through the bloodstreams.


2. Cancer Treatment Today

Cancer will probably never be cured but we might be  to find a way to control it. New technology has evolved to cause scientists to detect cancer earlier to began treatment. Even though Cancer mutates, most of its mutations are insignificant. and that some genes control cancer cells.When scientists learned this, they could develop better ways to combat cancer. I hope that scientists can find a way to cure cancer and save so many peoples lives and stop the disease of our time in India.


3. Why is Cancer so difficult to Cure

One way we could easily solve Cancer is to stop smoking tobacco and stay away from radioactive materials. Another way we can help prevent cancer is to have a healthy diet and stay physical. Eating junk food increases the rate of getting cancer.


4. Cancer Treatment Today

Cancer cells are different from normal calls because they mutate and reproduce. Because cancer cells spread so much it is very hard to solve the this dangerous disease. Since the DNA stays the same when cancer cells reproduce it continues to replicate. Because the cancer cells spread so much, it is very hard to cure later so it is best to figure it out early.I hope everyone with cancer can figure out they have it early and not hesitate to get rid of it.


5. Future of Cancer Treatment


Richard Klausner is trying to say how powerful and dangerous cancer is. How over 3 billion years of evolution has lead to a powerful disease like cancer. To solve cancer we need a better more effective method.


6. Evolution in a Bottle

We are told that Cancer is a work of progress, but eventually we will find a cure. Scientists are amazed how much they have learned in a year. There have been cycles of learning have been improving. The way of treating cancer has transformed over the last few decades and they will continue to evolve. If cancer evolves than so will we.Scientists are trying to map each individuals patients cancer, and treat each of them personally. They want a much more individualized approach. Doctors can mix the drugs and form the cure to cancer. Combination targeted therapy might not work because cancer is always evolving and adapting. Cancer is evolution in a bottle. 3 billion years have created the diversity and life and cancer.Cancer is all of the history of life.







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