My thoughts about Biology Honors on 12-9-2016

These next few Blogs will be my journal on Biology honors. This will go through this Friday so for a week. This will consist of 5 Blog Reports.

Well this is the last blog for this assignment. I might continue working on blogs because I have really enjoyed this assignment.



I actually don’t have much to write about today because we have a test but I have a few cool stories. There were also two extra credit assignments today. One was to memorize the Krebs Cycle and the other was to memorize the Calvin Cycle.


Calvin Cycle


Krebs Cycle



We actually had a test today and I don’t know how well I did. During the day I was reviewing for the Krebs cycle quiz because that was the only quiz I was prepared for. Calvin Cycle was just to daunting for me. Fortunately, the essay question of the test was to draw a diagram for the Krebs cycle which I was ready for. As soon as the test was over I realized there was a poster for the Krebs Cycle right next me, so it was a good thing I didn’t see it earlier. Overall the quiz was not too bad. A lot of things I knew before preparing and I hope I did well. After this I took a quiz on the Krebs Cycle and I think I did pretty well. I have a 94% right now, but there is extra credit that hasn’t been put in. I still have finals so I hope I can do good in this class. Sorry this blog wasn’t too long but I don’t have much to talk about.



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