My thoughts about Biology Honors on 12-8-2016

These next few Blogs will be my journal on Biology honors. This will go through this Friday so for a week. This will consist of 5 Blog Reports.

Here are some of my notes for the class. They were quick notes and most of the words are off



This time in class, our teacher actually went up to the board and taught. Usually he does a nearpod and because this is different I was surprised. We surprisingly went through the whole review super quickly and learned a lot. I don’t know if if I prefer teaching like this, but I hope it prepares me for the test. We then got some background on Mr. Wong. He told us Chemistry and Physics come easily for him and he wanted to major in Biology because he wasn’t great at it. He also told us that he taught chemistry and physics before but teaching Biology is the hardest. He also told us he could talk about any topic for hours and to be good students.

Science Discussion


Since class ended early, we started talking about what science classes we could take next year. He told us we had to take chemistry as a sophomore and he highly recommended taking a physics class. We then talked about math and Mr. Wong wanted us to have a strong foundation of Algebra because it is very important in all sciences. Then we talked about the new freshman. They would take physics as a freshmen, chemistry as a sophomore and Biology as a junior. I like the idea of taking chemistry before biology but I think freshmen should take Chemistry.


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