My thoughts about Biology Honors on 12-6-2016

These next few Blogs will be my journal on Biology honors. This will go through this Friday so for a week. This will consist of 5 Blog Reports.

Here are some of my notes for the class. They were quick notes and most of the words are off



We went into a near pod on reviewing cellular respiration. At first, we talked about alcohol. We quickly talked about how it is bad for you and your health. We talked about the transition of smoking and before it was considered popular. When we found out that it affects your health people stopped using it. Then we went into a quick review of cellular respiration which I already talked about in my past blogs.


We then had to do a drawing where we color a Mitochondria and that is when the incident happened. A student scribbled all over the drawing and our teacher Mr. Wong got really mad.  He told us we didn’t have to teach and asked the student to come out and reveal himself. When the student didn’t come out, he moved the test to the next day and he got rid of ll the extra credit opportunities for the whole class. We were all very worried because a lot of us already worked on the extra credit assignments and we really needed it. We wanted whoever did it to come out and confess but nobody did it for a while. Then a student named Sam came out and said he did it. He was very responsible about it and wanted all of us not to suffer for his mistake.


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