My thoughts about Biology Honors on 12-5-2016

These next few Blogs will be my journal on Biology honors. This will go through this Friday so for a week. This will consist of 5 Blog Reports.

Here are some of my notes for the class. They were quick notes and most of the words are off





Start of Class

At the start of class, we had a kahoot for extra credit. We were organized by lab group and had to do a kahoot on the Krebs cycle. What made it even more interesting was that there was extra credit offered for the inner. The whole class went kind of crazy because everyone wanted the points. In hindsight I see no reason why we went so crazy because it was only 5 extra credit points, the same amount we get from writing these blogs. We did really bad on the kahoot achieving a lack luster 7th place. We knew it was ok because we tried our best. At this point I noticed that there were people at the door evaluating or teacher Mr. Wong. I assumed they worked at Bellarmine and was wondering why mr. Wong choose to have a kahoot this day because it might show how loud his class is and it might be bad for his image. What he really did well, was explaining the answers to the kahoot even though everyone was loud.


Food around the World

We then went into a near pod on Food around the world. It was the same nearpod that we had last time and if you read the past blog report you know why it was a big deal. I was feeling kind of tense, hoping nobody made a racist statement again. People started caroing a lot more, and not writing anything bad and just focusing on the question he asked which was good. I was very surprised how a family can survive in Africa by only spending $2. That is about how much I spend on a snack, and for a family in Africa, that pays them food for a week.


Krebs Cycle

We then went into a lecture on the Krebs cycle and how it works. We went by it step by step but it still seemed complicated to me because I did not have a strong foundation in chemistry. In 7th grade I took a physics type course and in 8th grade it was a biology based course, so I only had simple elementary school chemistry experience. I definitely new more but I did not have a strong foundation in chemistry which is needed for Biology. I learned a lot about Biology which was very helpful. I don’t want to go into the details because it might bore you, but if you really want to then you should look at the notes.



I really liked class today because we had fun with kahoot and the food around the world, but we still had time to learn about the Krebs Cycle. I feel like we should have leaned more about the Krebs Cycle before taking the kahoot. I had a lot of fun in class and even though I had a lot of assignments to do for extra credit in this class, I know that I will have fun working on it.


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