My thoughts about Biology Honors on 12-2-2016

My thoughts about Biology Honors on 12-2-2016

These next few Blogs will be my journal on Biology honors. This will go through this Friday so for a week. This will consist of 5 Blog Reports.

Here are some of my notes for the class. They were quick notes and most of the words are off



Start of Class

At the start of class, we had a quiz and a teacher evaluation to fill out. I was really worried for the quiz because our quiz was on the electron transfer chain in cellular respiration which is pretty complicated. I first went and did the teacher evaluation. I gave Mr. Wong I pretty high rating because he is mt favorite teacher. While I was doing the evaluation, Mr. Wong said the quiz was easy and so did Sam. I didn’t believe him at first but then I opened the quiz. It is two 5 point essay questions, in 5 minutes. Then I saw the questions, we just had to add pictures. First i found a picture for the Krebs Cycle and then for the Calvin Cycle. I found some good pictures, but then I realized with a minute to go that I had the wrong picture. I quickly switched the picture in time. My friend Jahan wasn’t that lucky. His links were broken and he even mixed up the links. I wish him the best of luck.

Food around the World

We then went into a near pod on Food around the world. We saw families food for the week and we wrote what we thought on their diet. It was really fun and I really liked this activity. Activities like this is why Biology is my favorite class.



At this point something terrible happened. There was a picture of a Japanese family and we were supposed to talk about their food. Somebody submitted this as there response and the whole room got tense. Since our Mr. Wong he took offense to this. I know that this was very wrong and even though the person who typed it didn’t mean it but it was very wrong. Our teacher than went into a discussion on racism and how we are stereotyping. It really impacted me because it made me realize the stereotyping in my life. Since I am Indian, lots of students relate me to math or computer science, and they are kind of true because I am taking AP AB Calculus and want to master in computer science, but I dismiss it. I have always faced subtle bullying and racism, but I don’t care and just let it happen. I know now that this is wrong and I should stand up for myself because otherwise I am letting them win.

Krebs Cycle

After this ordeal, we started learning about the Krebs cycle. It was a very stressful situation and I did not like it. I was just trying to comprehend the Krebs and Cycle and it was very hard. I did not like the situation but I saw the truth in it.

I know I should learn about Biology because I like it a lot. I will also be uploading a music video soon on glycolysis.



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