Issues in Biology

Hello everyone,

This is my first blog post and in it I am going to be talking about some major issues in Biology. I really like biology and it is one of my favorite types of sciences, behind Physics and Astronomy. In my opinion the biggest issues with biology is genetic engineering and the right to life.

genetic experiment


Genetic engineering is a very controversial issue in biology and can be defined as manually adding or removing genes from an organism. Many people think that is wrong or unethical to change a organism’s DNA or RNA because it would be changing the identity of the organism and changing it from what God intended it to be.  Others feel that it is important and will help us find out more about life and will help us immensely in different types of problems. For example we could increase the size or vitamins in a tomato and it would be more beneficial to stop hunger.  Genetic engineering on the other hand could be extremely dangerous. You could unintentionally remove a necessary gene from a human or animal causing it to die or cause genetic diseases or mutations. Messing with DNA, the instructions to life is very dangerous and could cause unwanted results. Because of this the the FDA put of restrictions with food that has been genetically engineered. Another big problem with genetic engineering and genetically engineered food is that it cannot be taken back or contained. Once something is in the Gene pool it can be nearly impossible to contain or eliminate it. This great website lists out some pro’s and con’s with Genetic Engineering and I would highly suggest giving it a look. Some pro’s include getting rid of dieses and illnesses causing humans to live longer. Cons include: “Is it Morally right, Limiting Genetic diversity and letting it go to far(Certain people want this gender or this hair color baby)” Another part of Genetic engineering that I want to lightly touch upon is Stem cells. Stem cells are specialized cells that can be changed into other types of cells. This can be useful because if a man needs lung tissue or bone marrow people can insert stem cells and it help cure people.




Another big problem with biology is the right to life. This could include animals(should we kill and eat animals) or primarily humans. A big problem in this topic is abortion, or the killing of a baby in the womb. Abortion is a very big issue and many people are protesting/ supporting it.protesting abortion is that it is not right to kill a baby. Many people are for abortion because given some extreme circumstances they find it to be ok. One reason that people are  My Introduction to Biology teacher in 8th grade, Mr. Brian Clemons, who was is one of my favorite teachers gave us a very great story about abortion. He gave us four scenarios and told us to think about if we would suggest getting an abortion. The scenarios were something like this:


  1. A man and his wife who live in poverty do not have house and travel around all the time. They already have 15 children and would probably not have enough money to afford a doctor.
  2. A man and his wife are pregnant. The mom has tuberculosis and has 4 children. The first is blind, the second is dead, the third has tuberculosis and the fourth is deaf.
  3. A 15 year old girl who lives in a cave in an outback area is pregnant and she is very poor. The man she hopes to marry is not the father of the baby and there are no hospitals or doctors even relatively nearby


The first scenario’s baby was a famous preacher John Weasley

The second was Beethoven

The third was Jesus Christ


Thanks for reading my Blog

– Akash V.




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